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The Course was very informative and a must. The course was well presented and very interesting. It has given me a different prospective” – Course attendee at Huddersfield

“I have learned a great deal with the course. I recommend this course to any drink driver as it really makes you think twice……I have had a brilliant experience” - Course attendee at Huddersfield

“My Tutor explained everything very well and took into account every ones learning ability” – Leeds Course attendee

“ Very informative course, became a lot more than just a reduction in my disqualification. My awareness of alcohol in general has increased dramatically and I am very happy I did the course” Leeds Course attendee

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You must complete the course BEFORE your court assigned 'completion date' expires. Otherwise the full period of disqualification will apply.

Under no circumstances will the Courts consider an extension beyond this date. It is therefore essential to book early!