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The Course

Many people are understandably nervous about attending a drink drive rehabilitation course; at Drink Drive North we make every effort to ensure that participants find the course informative, thought provoking and educational.

As an independent training provider we are not part of the court system, you won't be judged and many find the course enjoyable.

Approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses have two main aims

To educate by providing information on:

  • Alcohol and its effect on the body
  • The effect of alcohol consumption on driving performance, ability and behaviour
  • Drink-driving offences

To prevent re-offending by:

  • Exploring alternatives to drinking and driving & assessing your readiness to change
  • Identifying actions & objectives to apply what you have learned
  • Overcoming barriers to change

Our overall objective is to reduce the number of drivers convicted of alcohol related driving offences.

Course Format

The course is delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment that promotes discussion and challenges assumptions.
The course lasts no more than 18 hours over a three day period; we make use of a variety of tools including videos, quizzes, activities and presentations.

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You must complete the course BEFORE your court assigned 'completion date' expires. Otherwise the full period of disqualification will apply.

Under no circumstances will the Courts consider an extension beyond this date. It is therefore essential to book early!